New Mixed Signal Oscilloscopes Add Logic Capability

Rigol Technologies, Inc. announces an expansion in their portfolio of mixed signal oscilloscopes.  The new MSO1000Z Series and MSO2000A series add 16-channel logic analysis capability onto these two award winning oscilloscope platforms.  With this introduction, Rigol’s MSO portfolio spans from 70MHz to 500MHz instruments, all using the innovative UltraVision architecture.

The MSO1000Z provides a powerful entry level instrument ideally suited to the need of educators, hobbyists, and entry-level embedded designers.  With bandwidths of 70MHz–100MHz, 4 analog channels, 16 digital channels, 1GSa/sec sampling, 24Mpts memory, serial triggering and decode, and an optional integrated 2-channel source, the MSO1000Z provides a very capable instrument at an unbelievably low price. MSO1000Z models start at $835, putting advanced analysis capability in reach for budget conscious customers.

The MSO2000A utilizes the same UltraVision architecture but adds bandwidth to 300MHz, 2GSa/sec sampling, 56Mpts memory, a larger display and 50,000 Wfms/sec capture rate, making it a great choice for mainstream embedded designers requiring more performance than is available in the 1000 series.  MSO2000 models start at $1,239 - an amazing value compared to competitive models.

“At The Ohio State University at Lima, we are starting up our Electrical and Computer Engineering I (Introduction to logic design and signal processing) course and need an excellent mixed signal digital scope for our students to use during their labs," said Anthony Shoup, PhD and Senior Lecturer at The Ohio State University.  “It needs to have a reasonable size screen and be easy to use.  Also, being a regional campus with a tight budget, we really couldn’t afford to outfit our lab stations with $8000 scopes, so the MSO1104Z was a perfect fit.”

Bob Bluhm, Rigol Vice President, explains. "With ever-decreasing timing margins, today's embedded designers must be able to correlate analog signal behaviors with the logic state of their systems. This need has driven the industry to provide mixed signal oscilloscope designs.  With the introduction of the MSO1000Z and the MSO2000A, the Rigol portfolio spans from 70MHz to 500MHz, meeting the needs of most educational labs and embedded designs.  Each of these products delivers unprecedented customer value by delivering outstanding performance characteristics at industry leading price points.”