Watlow, an industry leader in the design and manufacture of complete thermal systems, provides a wide spectrum of integrated solutions for monitoring and regulating multi-zone thermal systems that are ideal for gasline, foreline and pump line applications.

Watlow integrated its state-of-the-art components into a customizable, application-specific system consisting of:

An EZ-ZONER RM temperature controller that is extremely flexible and scalable, and allows unparalleled mixing of inputs and outputs to configure control loops, limit loops and monitoring points. It is an integrated controller solution that improves system reliability, eliminates compatibility issues and reduces wiring time and complexity. The EZ-ZONE RM also offers full EtherCATR communication protocols via the Semiconductor Temperature Controller Profile ETG.5003.2060 specified by the EtherCATR Technology Group.

Power switching capable of two amps to 15 amps internally or pilot duty switching of high amperage systems.

A touch screen operator interface terminal (OIT). From this easy-to-use, reliable and affordable interface, an operator can monitor the process, make enhancements to the process, monitor alarms and communicate various parameters to multiple devices.  Each individual zone of control can be created on the screen. With a simple touch to the screen control and
alert parameters can be changed, data can viewed and historical events evaluated.

The software, EZ Builder 500, allows the customer to customize the look and feel of the OIT to match their company's brand.

"By combining the power of our EZ-ZONE multi-loop platform with a customizable interface, we are providing our customers a powerful system that can be easily scaled," said Rob Gilmore, Watlow's vice president and general manager, semiconductor business unit.