Leica Microsystems Introduces the Inverted Microscope Leica DMi8

One Universal Platform for Life Science Applications

Wetzlar, Germany. Leica Microsystems is launching the Leica DMi8 inverted microscope with built-in modularity that can grow and adapt to ever-changing research needs. With this new concept, life scientists can custom-configure an inverted microscope now and upgrade it in the future for applications ranging from basic imaging to advanced fluorescence microscopy. The Leica DMi8 is equipped with an additional incident illumination port, the Infinity Port, which facilitates the integration of additional light sources and laser systems for advanced applications. The closed-loop focus drive with an accuracy of 20 nm for the 12 mm travel range enables researchers to investigate large specimens with high precision. In combination with Leica Microsystems’ imaging software the Leica DMi8 is an optimal solution for live-cell microscopy.

“The Leica DMi8 is an open and freely configurable inverted research microscope which meets the current and future needs of life scientists in a single platform,” explains Leica Microsystems Product Manager Bernard Kleine. “Universality and individuality have been the heart of our development work. With the Leica DMi8 we serve customer needs ranging from plain microscopy to advanced research applications, and pay heed to the fact that tasks and applications in research change. The Leica DMi8 combines the versatility of an open platform with the user-friendliness of a system solution.”

The Leica DMi8’s Infinity Port is the core of the system and enables access to the infinite light path. It integrates light sources and lasers that are necessary for FRAP, photo-switching, ablation, and many state-of-the-art microscopy techniques. Combined with Leica Microsystems’ imaging software, the Leica DMi8 inverted microscope platform enables researchers to document fixed specimens or watch and manipulate living cells quickly and reliably, with outstanding flexibility.

Additionally to the Infinity Port, the Leica DMi8’s closed-loop focus is another innovation. With an accuracy of 20 nm over a 12 mm travel range, researchers can investigate large specimens with high precision. Equipped with 19 mm field of view for sCMOS cameras and 25 mm field of view for optical observation, the Leica DMi8 is designed to collect a maximum of information.

Offering the full range of contrast methods from Brightfield, Integrated Modulation Contrast, Phase Contrast to Darkfield, Differential Interference Contrast, and Fluorescence, the Leica DMi8 is prepared for any microscopy application in life science research. Users can build their individual system by connecting dedicated accessories from Leica Microsystems or third party companies such as light sources, lasers or cameras to meet the changing needs of science. The Leica DMi8’s unique, user-friendly microscope design offers seamless connectivity so researchers can tailor the microscope to their individual requirements.