Microplate Surface Supports Growth of Spheroid Cultures from BrandTech® Scientific

BrandTech Scientific, Inc. announces the availability of inertGrade™ microplates for the cultivation of non-adherent cell lines, spheroids, and stem cells in a 96-well plate format. These polystyrene plates are manufactured in one of the largest, most modern cleanroom facilities for laboratory disposable items in the world. Rather than the more common treatments to enhance the natural hydrophobic characteristics of polystyrene, these new microplates are treated with a proprietary hydrogel. This creates a hydrophobic interface between the surface of the plastic and cellular material to inhibit cell and protein attachment. This unique low-binding microplate surface successfully suppresses the adhesion of a wide variety of adherent cell lines, can enhance the formation and maintenance of uniform spheroid cultures, and can inhibit early differentiation of stem cells or neurospheres. InertGrade 96-well microplates are available with round, flat, or curved bottoms in clear, white, black, and colored with transparent bottoms.