Complete, Automated Astm D2983 Sample Conditioning And Testing From Cannon Instrument Company

CANNON Instrument Company introduces the first fully automated Thermoelectric Sample Conditioner (TESC) System for ASTM D2983. Incorporating a Brookfield® DV2T digital viscometer and thermoelectrically controlled sample chamber, the TESC System automates the entire conditioning and testing process, including preheating, room temperature stabilization, cooling of the sample to test temperature, and testing the final viscosity of the conditioned sample.

Automation lessens the hands-on time needed to prepare and run a D2983 viscosity test and improves test precision. Integrating all conditioning and testing processes in a self-contained unit eliminates the temperature fluctuation and result variability associated with sample transfer and disruption.

A price tag and footprint one-half to one-fourth that of even the smallest alternative D2983 sample conditioning unit allows labs to purchase and operate multiple TESC Systems without the requirement of additional benchtop space. Using multiple systems allows uninterrupted testing during maintenance of individual units and offers the flexibility of having each unit programmed to a different test temperature.

The CANNON TESC System uses integrated thermoelectric heating and cooling to control temperature from −40 to +90 °C and provides temperature accuracy better than ± 0.1 °C. When used with the Brookfield® DV2T, thermal test history and final viscosity measurements are recorded at multiple spindle speeds and accessible for export into various software programs upon test completion.