Halo: A Never-Before Seen Solution To Healthier Air For Your Lab

Continuously treating laboratory air while returning clean air back to the lab


On the job 24/7 with continuous laboratory-grade filtration
Halo's continuously evaluates the laboratory air quality for fugitive contaminants. The patented Neutrodine filtration technology captures and retains a broad range of acids, bases and solvents, making it ideal for any noxious chemical emissions in the laboratory air.

Noxious fumes disappear
When Halo senses contaminants, the soft LED lights will pulse to let you know that the air is being cleaned. Quickly and easily view the current status of the unit via the exclusive web portal from your smartphone.

Easy installation/Low energy consumption
Halo is simply installed in the ceiling grid like other fixtures (lights, grills, etc), does not need ductwork or connection to existing HVAC, and consumes very little energy (50W). Multiple units can be networked to increase the coverage area.