Bulldog Bio Offered Exclusive Access to Newest Glycobiology Technology

N-Zyme Scientifics has appointed Bulldog Bio as their exclusive distributor for a new class of PNGase enzyme.  Coined PNGase F Prime, this recombinant endoglycosidase shows a remarkable ability to cleave an exceedingly broad range of N-linked glycans from glycoproteins. Not only are many new classes of glycans released, but the efficiency of cleavage results in much cleaner results via HPLC and mass spec analysis. Bulldog Bio will be offering an “early adopter” sampling program to receive feedback and push the boundaries of this new enzyme.

Dr. David Hamlin, Founder and CEO of N-Zyme Scientifics, stated “Our product has already intrigued the glycobiology community with remarkable results, drastically shortening the total time to analyze samples of interest while releasing glycoforms previously not typically seen with other PNGases.“

The terms of the distribution contract have not been disclosed.