New additions to Malvern Instruments’ ‘10 ways to…’ series guide rheological optimization of dispersion products

Two new additions to Malvern Instruments’ popular ‘10 ways to…’ whitepaper series provide practical guidance on using rheological testing to develop stable, high performance dispersions. Both whitepapers offer cross-industry advice on how to measure and control rheological aspects of colloidal, emulsion and solid-in-liquid (SoL) systems, such as yield stress and viscosity, to fully optimize processing and end-use performance. These new whitepapers are now available for download via the Malvern Instruments online resource center at and

‘10 ways to… optimize rheology to increase dispersion/colloidal/emulsion stability’ details how smart rheological techniques enable researchers to scope fundamental material properties, such as viscosity and yield stress,  of complex dispersions across a dynamic range of shear rates.‘10 ways to… control rheology by changing particle properties’ then highlights how features of suspended particles, such as size, zeta potential and shape, correlate directly to bulk rheological features and system stability. The whitepaper goes on to explore how this data correlates to common control strategies used to deliver and meet product performance targets.

Industrial colloidal systems range from paints and coatings through to personal care, food and pharmaceutical products. Malvern’s portfolio of analytical techniques, including the Kinexus rotational rheometer, deliver high performance dispersion and complex fluid characterization across a wide range of industrially relevant shear rates and shear stresses. The recently launched m-VROCi enables researchers to access viscosity measurements of complex fluids at ultra-high shear rates. Malvern’s Zetasizer Nano DLS enables size and zeta potential characterization of nanoparticles and colloids within suspension. Together these combine to provide complete dispersion characterization and the understanding required to develop high performance industrial suspensions.