ECIS® p-Flow Peristaltic Pump

Applied BioPhysics introduces ECIS® pFlow solution for barrier function studies of endothelial cells under flow conditions. The specially designed peristaltic pump with flow chambers attaches to ECIS® flow arrays allowing researchers to subject cell layers to shear stress as high as 28 dynes/cm2 or gently perfuse them with low flow rates. 

ECIS pFlow pumps are fully programmable via USB or RS232 interfaces, and since each pump has a unique USB address, multiple pumps can be run from one PC. Programmed flow profiles can be stored within the pump memory allowing one to disconnect the pump from the controlling computer for remote runs.

Flow profiles include continuous and/or pulsatile flow in both single and bi-directional modes. Technical specs include – continuous flow from 20 ml/min to 70 microliters/min; for pulsatile flow, max ramp speed 0 to max flow -150 msec (forward or reverse);  full forward to full reverse flow - 400msec. Pump dimensions are 4.12”W x 4.12”H x 6.25”L.

Complete flow set including pump, medium reservoirs, flow capacitor and all associated tubing and fittings priced at under $2,200      .