Pixel™ System

The Pixel system is a stand-alone detection platform for direct mRNA detection from Single Cells and precious samples.

The Pixel System is an innovative gene expression analysis tool that combines Molecular Indexing with the simplicity of endpoint PCR to create a highly precise, sensitive and accurate measurement technique. Obtain absolute mRNA quantitation from single cells or precious samples in less than a day using the Pixel16 detector and Pixel Assay kit with standard molecular biology tools.

  • Ability to count many transcripts of interest in a single cell or precious sample
  • Non-destructive assay enables repeated measurements of the same sample
  • Simple single tube workflow
  • Compatible with qPCR and NGS technologies

About Molecular IndexingTM

The Molecular Indexing technology is based on a method called "stochastic labeling" where each and every copy of a DNA molecule, present in a sample, is labeled at random from a large, non-depleting reservoir of diverse oligonucleotide labels or barcodes.  DNA molecules of an identical sequence become distinct through unique labeling. The subsequent diversity of the labeled molecules is governed by the statistics of random choice, thus enabling individual molecules to be identified as unique.

The uniquely labeled DNA molecules comprise the library where a unique Molecular Index for every DNA molecule is created. By detecting the number of distinctly labeled targets, the number of copies or molecules of each gene in the original sample can be determined. Since the Molecular Index is hard-coded into each individual DNA molecule, the sample can be analyzed directly or amplified by PCR or other techniques without introducing biases or errors.

The key advantages of Molecular Indexing technology include:

  • Absolute Digital Quantitation
  • No PCR or Sequencing Bias
  • Non-destructive assay
  • No dead volume or sampling error