Protect Your Personnel and Your Budget

Flow Sciences, Inc. has introduced their Saf T Flow™ Chemical Fume Hood Series. These hoods are designed to REDUCE ENERGY COSTS by 60%!

To-date, fume hoods have normally run with a face velocity of 100 fpm (feet per minute). Flow Sciences has reinvented the fume hood. Using State-of-the-Art technology, FSI has developed hoods that can Safely and Efficiently remove fumes and protect personnel while operating at a face velocity of 60 fpm.

The result is significant savings in heating and air conditioning cost which can approach 60%. This can result in a rapid return on the investment in this modern technology.

The Saf T Flow™ Chemical Fume Hoods are available from 3' wide to 8' wide in 1' increments. A complete line of plumbing and electrical fixtures are available for specific lab requirements.