ChromaTOF-HRT® 1.81 Now Available

LECO Corporation is pleased to announce the availability of a major upgrade to its ChromaTOF-HRT brand software platform. ChromaTOF-HRT version 1.81 offers both new features and significant improvements in core functionality, making data review and acquisition easier and more intuitive for users.

“Key enhancements were made to the instrument set-up and deconvolution areas of this mass spectrometry data system,” said Lorne Fell, Product Manager for Separation Science. “We conducted a global Beta program and based our improvements and additions on the feedback we received. Some of the tools developed included advanced filters and compound class-specific mass defect plots so users can easily review their most relevant data.” In addition, Fell says, the use of automated formula matching for deconvoluted fragment ions and ChemSpider to help identify “unknown/unknowns” give users the best means to evaluate their results fully and efficiently.

ChromaTOF-HRT 1.81 also includes a number of acquisition centric upgrades with a focus on ease-of-use. These features include a quick run button, the ability to conduct a Tune Report, and significant improvements to both the auto-tune and gain optimization algorithms. The software now also supports the use of hydrogen as a carrier gas.

The same great features of the previous software version continue to be available with ChromaTOF-HRT 1.81, including the newly termed High Resolution Deconvolution™ (HRD™) for creation of pure component mass spectra, seamless data handling, and full compatibility with the NIST library to identify known/unknowns. Overall, the release of ChromaTOF-HRT version 1.81 allows users to be easily successful in gathering and analyzing data from the GC-HRT, and allowing them more time to answer the truly difficult chemical questions in their labs.