Research-Grade Surface Characterization Results with Micromeritics’ Versatile ASAP 2020 Plus

MicromeriticsASAP 2020 Plus integrates a variety of automated gas sorption techniques into a single, research-grade, table-top instrument. The system is designed to provide high-quality surface area, porosity, and chemisorption data to materials analysis laboratories. The ASAP 2020 Plus is configurable with many optional accessories and features in a platform that can be expanded with additional capability as analytical requirements change. Choose from low surface area, chemisorption, micropore, to vapor adsorption options. Add a cryostat or configure the unit for chemical resistivity for aggressive gas use. The ASAP 2020 Plus can accommodate almost any surface characterization need.

With a proven hardware design, the ASAP 2020 Plus contains many standard features. Independent dual vacuum systems permit simultaneous preparation of two samples and analysis of another. A two-station intelligent, user-programmable, degassing system provides fully automated degassing profiles with precise control to ensure sample integrity. A proprietary transducer system delivers stability, fast response, and low hysteresis for superior accuracy and signal-to-noise improvement. Continuous saturation pressure (P0) monitoring and unique Isothermal Jacket Cold Zone Control provide a stable environment for both saturation pressure and adsorption to ensure results are accurate and reproducible.  A long-duration, refillable dewar supplies virtually unlimited time-of-analysis capability.

Micromeritics’ innovative MicroActive ASAP 2020 Plus software allows the interactive evaluation of isotherm data. Easily include or exclude data, fitting the desired range of experimentally acquired data points using interactive, movable calculation bars. The isotherm can be viewed real-time on either a linear or logarithmic scale, available under each calculation model.