Thermal Lab Beads™ Replace Water/Ice in Lab Baths

A common problem with water baths and ice buckets in the lab is contamination of the samples from the bath water/ice. tecaLAB™aluminum Thermal Lab Beads™ help reduce the risk of losing samples due to waterborne contaminants andare an ideal alternative to ice or water. The aluminum construction of the Thermal Lab Beads™means they will not melt, evaporate or require significant maintenance. A bath using Thermal Lab Beads™can be kept on indefinitely. Thermal Lab Beads™also eliminate floating samples and the need for racks or weights. Samples slide easily into the beads and remain in place. Thermal Lab Beads™provide stable support for most glass and plastic sample vessels and reduce messy dripping water. Thermal Lab Beads™are environmentally friendly. They are made of recyclable material, they eliminate the need to use harmful germicides to clean the bath and they are more energy efficient to use than water. Thermal Lab Beads™ are included with any tecaLAB™ bath product or can be purchased separately (they are compatible with most dry baths).