Shimadzu’s New Monitored Single-Beam UV-Vis Spectrophotometer Offers Comprehensive Measurement Options in a Compact Body

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments today announces the release of its new UV-1280 multipurpose UV-visible spectrophotometer. Offering wavelength scanning from 190 to 1,100 nm, this compact, high-quality instrument is ideal for applications in a variety of industries, including environmental, food quality, and life science.

The user-friendly UV-1280 enables intuitive operation, while the enhanced validation, maintenance and inspection functions improve work efficiency. The monitored system for the D2/WI lamps ensures that users can perform highly stable measurements with this compact unit. 

Equipped with seven measurement modes, the UV-1280 can be used for a number of measurements, including photometric, spectral, kinetics, DNA/protein, and high-level multi-component quantitation.

  • Photometric modeallows users to measure the absorbance or transmittance at single or multiple wavelengths. It is also capable of quantitation using the k-factor method.
  • Spectrum mode records a sample spectrum using wavelength scanning. Users can repeat scans to follow sample changes over time.
  • Quantitation modegenerates a calibration curve from the measurement of standards and then calculates the concentrations of unknowns. Multi-component quantitation mode quantitates up to eight components mixed in a single sample.
  • Kinetics mode measures absorbance changes as a function of time and obtains the enzymatic activity values.
  • Time scan mode measures the change in absorbance, transmittance or energy as a function of time.
  • Biomethod mode is used to determine DNA and protein concentrations using several quantitation methods, including the Lowry, BCA, Biuret, CBB and UV absorption methods.

Users can connect USB flash drives directly to the UV-1280, making it easy to transport analysis data and to store large amounts of data in a PC. The curve-related data can then be converted to and saved in CSV format.

A wealth of available accessories, including a multi-cell sample compartment and a constant-temperature cell holder, makes the UV-1280 ideal for a wide variety of samples in the pharmaceuticals and life sciences, chemicals, foods and environmental industries.