MP Biomedicals, Leading Life Science and Diagnostics Product Provider, Launches New Automated Platform for Nucleic Acid Purification – MPure-12TM

MP Biomedicals, LLC, a leading provider of life science reagents, fine chemicals and diagnostic products for over 50 years, announced today it has launched the MPure-12 System - an automated platform for the magnetic bead based purification of nucleic acids from a wide range of biological samples.

MPure-12 system has an uniquely designed magnetic bead based processing chamber and is fully integrated with easy to use, sample specific, pre-packaged reagent kits to process a wide range of bio-specimens. This platform offers our customers superior yield, purity, reliable performance, flexibility and convenience, all at an affordable price. . The system can process from one to twelve samples simultaneously and also incorporates features that eliminate any detectable cross contamination, nucleic acid loss and degradation, wastage of reagents, and simultaneously offer reproducibility, well-to-well consistency, scalability and ease-of-use.

"The MPure-12 platform is one of the most advanced systems for the purification of nucleic acids (DNA & RNA) and offers superior yield and purity at an affordable price to our global customers. This system will be of value for anyone focused on genomics, NextGen Sequencing, epigenetics, gene expressions and forensic studies, all of which require DNA and RNA of the highest quality, purity and yield”, says Milan Panic, CEO and President. Mr. Panic was also the founder of the ICN Pharmaceuticals, from which MP Biomedicals was formed.

MPure-12 platform incorporates new and innovative features that enable rapid and efficient purification of nucleic acids. These include the uniquely designed polygon reaction chamber, design of the liquid handling robotic platform, bar-code reader with pre-programmed protocol cards and a UV lamp. “We focus on innovation and have established ourselves as a global leader in sample preparation through the introduction of the FastPrep system. MPure-12 launch will enable us to continue our leadership position from sample preparation through purification”, says Milan Panic.