Distek, Inc. Releases the PrepEngine Sample Prep Station

Distek, Inc., an industry leader in pharmaceutical laboratory testing instruments, accessories and validation services, is excited to release the PrepEngine Sample Prep Station for Content Uniformity.

The PrepEngine was co-developed through collaboration between Distek, Inc. and Two Square Science based in Fall River, MA. The result is a 10 station system which can prepare content uniformity samples up to 90% faster than traditional methods.

The PrepEngine’ s compact benchtop design incorporates 10 hi-speed PrepTube stations with adjustable speed from 100 to 6000 rpm and run times from 5 seconds to 30 minutes.  Multiple PrepTube sizes up to 500mL provide testing flexibility.  Simply insert and twist a prepared tube to start the test.

“Our partnership with Two Square Science has resulted in a co-developed product that will have a significant impact in the marketplace and the performance of content uniformity testing. We are excited to bring to market a high throughput content uniformity prep station at a very attractive price point,” says Jeff Seely, Vice President of Sales & Business Development, Distek, Inc.

“The PrepEngine has proven robust in getting even the toughest dosage forms into solution very quickly.  We are looking forward to working with a strong partner in Distek to bring the benefits of the PrepEngine to market,” says Martin Schwalm, CEO, Two Square Science.