Phenom-World announces the Phenom XL, world’s fastest desktop SEM to handle large samples

Phenom-World is proud to announce the Phenom XL, an addition to the highly successful Phenom desktop SEM product family. The Phenom XL is the world’s first desktop Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) that allows full imaging of samples up to 100 mm x 100 mm.

The Phenom XL pushes the boundaries of desktop SEM performance. It features the proven ease-of-use and fast time to image of all the Phenom systems. Additionally, it is equipped with a chamber that despite its small size allows analysis and full imaging of large samples up to 100 mm x 100 mm. And yet, the Phenom XL is a desktop SEM that uses little energy, needs little space, and does not require special facilities.

The Phenom XL features various key innovations that enable this performance: a proprietary venting/loading mechanism that ensures the fastest vent/load cycle in the world. With a time-to-image of less than one minute, it provides the highest throughput. A newly developed compact motorized stage enables the user to scan the full sample area, and yet keep the SEM small enough to fit on a standard table.

The user interface is based on proven technology used in the successful Phenom Pro and ProX desktop SEM’s. This enables both existing and new users to quickly become familiar with the system and get the most of it without the need for significant set-up or training. The ease-of-use is given an extra boost with a newly designed “single-shot” optical navigation camera (NavCam) that allows the user to move to any spot on the sample with just a single click – within seconds.

Elemental analysis can be added by the EDS technology already proven on the Phenom ProX. An optional Secondary Electron Detector (SED) is available for applications that require surface and topography sensitive imaging.

“I am delighted to announce the XL. It will allow our customers to experience the same speed and ease-of-use they appreciate in a Phenom, but now for large samples as well”, says Emile Asselbergs, CEO of Phenom-World.

“The Phenom XL will redefine the meaning of the words ‘desktop SEM’ “, according to Jos Maas, Product Marketing Director of Phenom-World. “In spite of its compact size, it can handle samples that would normally require a bulky floor model SEM. The Phenom XL can do the same, but at much higher throughput and at much lower costs.”

“The Phenom XL is full of high-tech innovations”, according to Emile Asselbergs, “but the nice thing is that users will hardly notice; they will simply experience a user-friendly desktop SEM that does its job, and very fast!”