Berthold Technologies bScreen LB 991 Label-free Microarray Reader

With the bScreen Berthold Technologies presents a unique instrument for biomolecular interaction studies. The bScreen combines the performance of µArray formats with the information available from label-free technologies. With a footprint of only 66 x 61 cm2 it substitutes a fluorescence µArray reader and a conventional label-free system (e.g. SPR) in a single instrument. 

The exclusive Biametrics 1Lambda-Reflectometric Interference Detection (1Lambda-RIDe) facilitates the analysis of the complete binding kinetics of up to 10,000 individual interactions in one single measurement for real high-throughput screening (rHTS). Thus, the bScreen combines the world of fluorescence assays with the label-free kinetic studies for all applications, when time optimization, efficiency and the complete characterization of biointeractions are required. Hence, the bScreen is best suited for the following areas of application:

  • Epitope Mapping with high-density protein- and peptide arrays
  • Diagnostic Screening for virus detection, in cancer diagnostics or in systems biology approaches
  • Pharmaceutical Screening of small molecules (MW <150 Da) with high-throughput
  • Consumer Safety in quality control, particulate matter pollution and biohazard screening