Promega PowerQuant™ System Enables More Informed Casework Decisions

Promega Corporation announces the release of the PowerQuant™ System , a probe-based 4-target, 5-dye real-time PCR method. The system allows laboratories to determine human and male DNA concentrations in a sample, assess the integrity of the DNA sample and detect possible PCR inhibitors in approximately one hour.

The PowerQuant System ensures that DNA detected in the quantification step of the workflow equates to a usable STR profile. Accurate and sensitive DNA quantification plays a key role in ensuring successful STR results, and because many samples are precious, getting it right the first time is critical. Inaccurate determination of the amount of DNA present in the sample can lead to unusable STR profiles, and repeating the STR assay with corrected DNA template amounts can waste both reagents and a user's time.

PowerQuant also allows laboratories to assess the quality of the DNA sample, whether it is the integrity of the DNA or the presence of possible PCR inhibitors. By correctly doing so, laboratories can make informed decisions about processing difficult casework samples.

Using the PowerQuant System, along with the PowerQuant™ Analysis Tool program, for quality assessment and STR normalization values, laboratories are able to make the best decision about what steps to take next in their workflow and eliminate guesswork about DNA samples.