Micromeritics® Introduces Cloud-based Analytics, Reporting and Collaboration with MicroActive Share™

Micromeritics’ announces the availability of MicroActive Share, a cloud-based infrastructure in its product portfolio. This release provides a new platform for bringing together internal and external data protected in a cloud environment for its academic customers and frees users from only being able to access their data from within the lab and enables simultaneous use by unlimited members.

The software allows users to interactively evaluate adsorption data from Micromeritics ASAP® and 3 FLEX® gas adsorption instruments. Users can easily include or exclude data, fitting the desired range of experimentally acquired data points using interactive, movable calculation bars. One-click access to important parameters allows the user to focus on the result rather than the parameters. MicroActive Share is fully integrated with existing MicroActive Interactive Data Analysis Software, will save customers time, and create a flexible work environment.

Preston Hendrix, President of Micromeritics said, “In the 53 years that Micromeritics has been designing and building particle characterization products we have received much guidance from students, researchers, and scientists. Our EDU Program and product line is designed to allow Micromeritics to give back to those that made our success possible.”

Key Features of MicroActive Share include:

  • Analysis results anywhere, anytime with cloud-based access
  • Simultaneous use by unlimited members
  • Controlled data sharing with personalized preferences for people around the globe
  • Same great functionality of MicroActive Interactive Data Analysis Software
  • World-wide research collaboration capability