WHEATON® Highlights Value-Added MicroLiter Chromatography Products and Services at Pittcon 2015

WHEATON® today reported that it chose the upcoming 2015 Pittcon Conference & Expo as the forum to highlight its newest initiatives in support of the chromatography community. The company will highlight several recent initiatives to better serve its growing chromatography customer base at Pittcon. First, Wheaton is introducing easily downloadable certificates that verify the cleanliness and dimensional consistency of the company’s MicroLiter Certified Vials, which further enhance the only vials available that are certified as 10K processed. Further, the company is investing in additional chromatography-focused educational and consulting resources, including White Papers offering practical solutions to common issues, the hiring of field-based Chromatography Specialists and establishment of the Chromatography World portal.

“Chromatography results are dependent on the sample being processed without introducing any outside interference. We are proud to offer the only 10K production process and packaging program to virtually eliminate any pre-analytical interference from containers, and we now also make it easy to document the process with our new Vial Certification program,” noted Wayne L. Brinster, CEO and President of WHEATON.  

Mr. Brinster continued, “We are striving to be the chromatography solution provider of choice. First, we are offering our customers downloadable documentation that our MicroLiter Certified Vials are prepared in a certified Class 10K clean room, providing the highest confidence that they are free of any contaminants. We also are investing in a variety of education and information resources, including a series of chromatography White Papers, the establishment of our Chromatography World educational and informational portal, and the recent deployment of Chromatography Specialists charged with serving as a resource in the field and creating relevant content for all things “chromatography”. We are proud of the exceptional quality of our MicroLiter Certified Vials and delighted to support our chromatography customers and colleagues with these new resources.”
WHEATON’s MicroLiter certified clean vials are designed to allow more reliable transfer of samples from the prep lab to the autosampler. They are cleaned and packaged in a certified Class 10,000 clean room using a process developed to eliminate vial-associated errors. Critical physical dimensions and chemical cleanliness are fully tested to ensure that no trace residues are present. MicroLiter customers can easily download full documentation of the process. The result is identically clean and dependable vials, certified to ensure optimal performance and reproducible results. MicroLiter vials are checked for compatibility with the designated autosamplers their customers use. Packaged in sealed containers, the unique MicroLiter Dispenser integrates with the containers to maintain closure and septa cleanliness and reduce handling.

WHEATON’s newly-issued White Paper, Chromatography Sample Integrity with High-Density Sample Handling Solutions, is aimed at the growing number of chromatographers considering investing in automated high throughput sample preparation systems. The White Paper recommends an upfront comprehensive review of workflow processes and identification of potential “pain points” before selecting a system. It discusses factors to consider in selection, including the need for specific protocols to prevent cross contamination, ensure sample integrity, provide accurate analyses and manage special situations such as volatile solvents and reactions.

WHEATON’s Chromatography Specialists are available for general informational seminars and consultations. For more information on how to contact a Chromatography Specialist, or to access the online content they are curating, contact: