Handyem Introduces the HPC-150 Personal Cytometer
handyem Inc., a manufacturer of personal and portable flow cytometers announces the commercial launch of the HPC-150 personal cytometer for life science research, bioprocessing, water quality and many other applications.
The HPC-150 flow cytometer from handyem is portable and rugged. Its reliable fiber-optics flow 
cell eliminates the need for periodic laser alignment and reduces by an order of magnitude the 
amount of sheath fluid normally required by conventional flow cytometers. The cytometer has 
excellent particle counting capabilities and displays scattering resolution suitable for conducting 
measurement of cells and particles from 0.5 to 40 μm. The product is available in the following 
configurations: dual-laser red (638 nm) and blue (488 nm), single-laser green (532 nm) or blue 
(488 nm) and with up to four optical filter colors and six parameters.
“We are proud to offer this new product with enhanced performance and additional modalities 
compared to its predecessor” says Alain Chandonnet, president and CEO of handyem. “The HPC-
150 offers all the flexibility of conventional cytometers, but brings ease-of-use and affordability 
which contributes directly to our mission to democratize cytometry.”
FiberFlowFluidicsTM, the technology at the core of handyem Personal Cytometry (HPC) platform, 
uses fiber optics to guide the light beam from the laser to the small interrogation area to ensure 
consistent excitation of the cells or particles flowing through a microchannel in the collection 
fiber. The laser beam delivery fiber, the forward scatter (FSC) and side scatter (SSC) collection 
fibers are bound in a monolithic assembly – the microfluidic flow cell chip– which is impervious 
to vibrations and misalignment. This allows the user to move or carry the HPC instruments 
without concern of losing laser beam alignment – hence avoiding a costly and time consuming 
adjustment often required on traditional flow cytometers.