New TaqMan Gene Expression Research Assays Designed to Enable Accurate Detection of  Fusion Transcripts Using Real-Time PCR
Cancer researchers now have a set of ThermoFisher Scientific TaqMan gene expression assays designed to detect fusion transcripts using real-time PCR. Certain fusion transcripts are considered 
rare and are not well characterized; therefore, detecting these rare events using a single 
technology can deliver ambiguous results. As such, researchers often employ an 
orthogonal method of validation to confirm results. As a complementary solution to next-
generation sequencing (NGS) panels, including the Oncomine Focus Assay, the TaqMan 
gene expression assays are designed to serve as an orthogonal validation method for 
confirming NGS results.
Cancer researchers performing fusion transcript detection using an orthogonal method of
validation to confirm NGS results.
•   Built from proven TaqMan Assays chemistry
•   Performance guaranteed for all pre-designed assays.
•   Consists of a single tube, which contains a probe, forward primer, and reverse
     primer for each target for use in the simple, fast PCR workflow
•   Use universal cycling conditions – can run any combination of assays in
     parallel on a single real-time PCR instrument