‘Unsurpassed protein SEC’: OMNISEC delivers accurate information with minimal sample
 In a new webinar ‘Unsurpassed protein SEC using the latest innovation in advanced detection, OMNISEC’, experts from Malvern Instruments demonstrate how  the OMNISEC size exclusion chromatography (SEC) system supports efficient screening early in the drug development pipeline by enabling precise characterization with minimal sample volumes.  A complementary app note ‘Compositional insights for protein mixtures: a case study of a semi-pure β-amylase extract’ further examines the investigative powers of OMNISEC in protein analysis. View the webinar at: www.malvern.com/OMNISECproteins or download the app note at www.malvern.com/betaamylase.
OMNISEC directly measures the molecular weight (MW) of proteins with unsurpassed sensitivity. Such measurements are indicative of the activity, aggregation and conjugation state of drug candidates and support the development of safe and efficacious drugs. Because of its sensitivity OMNISEC delivers precise, detailed molecular weight and size information with minimal amounts of sample, typically in the region of just 100 ng. This is a crucial advantage when sample availability is extremely limited, as in the early stages of drug discovery and development.
The fully integrated OMNISEC systems consists of OMNISEC RESOLVE, for precisely resolved sample separation, and OMNISEC REVEAL, a powerful triple or tetra detector array for high sensitivity, information-rich analysis of the eluting sample. Both modules have been fully optimized for sensitive, robust and reliable protein analysis. For example, the autosampler system within RESOLVE has precise temperature control, to ensure that protein samples are maintained in an optimum state. Low injection volumes and waste-free injections from vials or 96-well microtiter plates cut the amount of sample needed for reliable automated characterization. OMNISEC REVEAL incorporates the most sensitive light scattering detector on the market, for direct molecular weight measurement. This means precise measurement, with less sample, even for low MW material.
To find out more about how OMNISEC can help with protein characterization view the webinar at: www.malvern.com/OMNISECproteins