Flexible LED illuminator
The new Lumen 100-LED illuminator from Prior Scientific provides high quality illumination for a wide range of fluorescence applications on both upright and inverted microscopes. 
Directly coupling to the microscope for maximum light transmission, the broad array of LEDs available cover wavelengths from 365nm to 660nm, ensuring that the Lumen 100-LED can be optimised for the vast majority of fluorescence microscopy applications.
All LED units are interchangeable with the Lumen 100-LED controller. This means that should your requirements change, only a new LED, and not an entirely new unit, need be purchased.  In addition, the unit’s versatility can be enhanced even more with the purchase of a combiner and dichroic filters, allowing multiple wavelengths to be used simultaneously – perfect for multi-fluorophore imaging. 
Providing 25,000+ hours of bulb life, the Lumen 100-LED is an environmentally friendly (mercury-free) illumination system that requires no special disposal regulations. The Lumen 100-LED includes a simple control unit able to control the intensity of the LED in 1% or 10% increments. The unit is almost totally free from either vibration or heat production, reducing disruption during the imaging process.