New Flow Microscopy Measurement System from TA Instruments
TA Instruments introduces an all new system for advanced microscopy under flow. The Modular Microscope Accessory (MMA) for the Discovery Hybrid Rheometer enables simultaneous high resolution optical microscopy with precise control and measurement of flow. 
Flow visualization is important in the evaluation of complex systems such as emulsions and colloidal 
suspensions, in which fluid flow conditions can alter microstructure in a manner that impacts product 
processing and performance. The MMA enables complete visualization simultaneous with precise 
rheological measurements. The system mounts directly to the rheometer, allowing for simple alignment, isolation from vibration, and quick interchange between the MMA and other rheometer accessories. A counter-rotating stage operated in conjunction with the rotating upper plate establishes a stagnation plane, which greatly aids qualitative and quantitative image analysis. The system provides temperature-controlled microscopy at magnifications as high as 100× and may be operated in in bright field, fluorescent, or polarized light conditions.