Release of Mix² software for RNA-Seq data analysis  &  a free license introductory offer

Lexogen is happy to launch a Mix² software for RNA concentration calculation from RNA-Seq data. Academic users will have an opportunity to enjoy a one year free license.

Mix² software yields RNA concentration estimates from RNA-Seq data. In addition, the model can be used as an exploratory tool to investigate the positional (fragment) bias in RNA-Seq data and thereby study the effects of library preparation on the accuracy of transcript concentration estimates. When compared with current state-of-the-art methods, the Mix² model yields substantially improved transcript concentration estimates and, as a result, leads to a higher accuracy in the detection of di?erential expression

Mix² Introductory Offer for an Academic License

Mix² software package is being officially released at ESHG 2015 meeting this week in Glasgow. If you work in academia, please feel free to pass by our booth #452 and register for a free introductory license or do it through the online application form until the end of June 2015. This special offer can be extended for one more year, if your publication featuring Mix² is submitted before 2016.