Thermo Scientific Centrifuge Product Selection Tool Helps Researchers Match the Most Suitable General Purpose Benchtop Centrifuge to their Applicatio

Designed to help researchers select the general purpose benchtop centrifuge package best suited to their application, the new Thermo Scientific centrifuge product selection tool combines educational information with a product selection guide. Different applications place unique demands on a centrifuge: speed, capacity, rotor and adapter requirements can vary widely. For a cell culture lab, pellet quality and reproducibility are key. A clinical lab, on the other hand, needs fast acceleration and deceleration times to facilitate quick processing, and the ability to accommodate different volumes throughout the day, whereas a molecular biology lab needs to process a wide range of tubes and plates at different speeds. There is a broad spectrum of Thermo Scientific centrifuges and associated rotors available to support these research applications.

The tool helps take the guesswork out of the decision-making process so researchers can quickly select the ideal general purpose centrifuge, rotor and accessory combination for their use.

Available as a web-based or iPad app version, the tool prompts users to choose one of four general application areas and select whether there is a need for a refrigerated or ventilated centrifuge. Next, the tool provides volume options to meet the throughput requirements of the lab, followed by a list of appropriate centrifuge packages to meet the specified needs. Packages include the centrifuge, rotor(s) and accessories in one easy-to-order bundle.

The accompanying presentation provides an interactive overview of Thermo Scientific general purpose centrifuges, and the resource library includes a host of available videos, literature and manuals.