Portable 12 Volt LABOPORT® Filtration Pump Ideal for Field Filtration
KNF Neuberger, Inc. announces the launch of the PJ26078-811, a lightweight 12 volt mini-Laboport pump designed for in-the field use. Combining robust operation with the ability to be powered via 12V DC car outlet, the new mini-LABOPORT field filtration pump frees personnel from using weak and time-consuming manual vacuum pumps, transporting a heavy generator on-site, or carting unfiltered samples back to the lab. Instead, it provides a lightweight oil-free vacuum source in environments where weight, portability and space often factor into operation.
Equipped with a three-meter long, coiled power cord fitted with a 12 volt car outlet adaptor cord and two 1/4” hose barbs for vacuum inlet and outlet, the new 12 volt mini-LABOPORT pump is ideally suited for filtration and gas sampling in the field. Its combination of compact convenience and reliable performance allow it to meet the needs of environmental companies, water treatment plants, field researchers, and anyone in need of a convenient vacuum source in remote locations.
Employing a compact, low-maintenance design, the pump is driven by a sturdy motor and features chemically-resistant construction. Providing up to 11 L/min flow at atmosphere, it offers 75 torr (100 mbar) end vacuum.