Abcam launches multiplex miRNA profiling assays
Abcam plc, a global leader in the supply of life science research tools, announced today the launch of a range of multiplex miRNA profiling assays for high-throughput validation of miRNA biomarkers, based on Abcam’s new Firefly™ particle technology.
The new Multiplex Cellular miRNA Assay and Multiplex Circulating miRNA Assay allow researchers to rapidly and cost-effectively profile up to 68 miRNAs in each well of a 96-well plate, with readout on a standard flow cytometer. These assays offer an easier workflow for larger sample numbers compared to alternative methods such as qPCR, microarray and sequencing, which can be resource intensive or require challenging data analysis.
The Multiplex Circulating miRNA assay enables profiling of miRNAs from small volumes of crude biofluids including serum and plasma, with no need for RNA purification, while the Multiplex Cellular miRNA Assay is optimized to work with purified RNA. The Multiplex Circulating miRNA Assay is particularly suited for studies targeting low-abundance miRNAs or where the amount of each sample is limiting.
Customers can chose between fixed panels targeting specific disease areas or can customize their own panel. Abcam also offers a sample profiling service to enable researchers without in-house resources to obtain profiles with this technology. Analysis software provided by Abcam efficiently translates the raw data from the flow cytometer into a miRNA profile and does not require special bioinformatics expertise.
Brian Taylor, Head of Kits and Assays, Abcam, said: “We’re excited about the opportunities that Abcam’s Firefly particle technology will bring to global researchers undertaking miRNA research. We recognized a consumer need to enhance the tools available for miRNA research, and our new innovative assays provide a combination of performance, multiplexing, throughput, cost and ease of use not available from existing technologies.”
The assays can be purchased from Abcam in US and Europe and will be available globally in the course of 2015.