Iceless, Waterless Stirring Bath
New from tecaLAB
Stirring baths help maintain temperature uniformity and solution mixing in a liquid sample. However, typical laboratory baths that rely on ice or water are prone to waterborne contamination. This can skew results and ruin samples. The Stirring Electric Ice Bucket from tecaLAB remedies this. The ICE-STIR is a bench-top product that cools vessels below ambient temperature while maintaining. Aluminum Thermal Lab Beads™ conduct heat away from the sample while magnetic stir rods continuously stir the contents.
The ICE-STIR will cool to as much as 15-25 °C below ambient using thermoelectric (Peltier) technology. There are two magnetic stirring zones, each with independent speed control. The system is a low-maintenance, reliable air-cooled device made to be plugged in and remain on, just like a refrigerator. When stirring is turned off, the ICE-STIR can be used as an Electric Ice Bucket, essentially a waterless, iceless bath for cooling. It will keep samples of various size and shape cool at the same time without racks or other accessories. Sample vials and vessels easily slide into the Thermal Lab Beads™ and remain in place until moved by the end user. Floating samples and trips to the ice machine are eliminated. Leave samples cooling all day, all night or all week.