High Performance UHPLC System Gets More Out of Every Sample
A new ultra high-performance liquid chromatography (UHPLC) system delivers exceptional performance and reliable separations with the flexibility required for labs developing methods ranging from high-throughput analyses to pharmaceutical quality control applications.
As the latest addition to the Thermo Scientific Vanquish product family, the Thermo Scientific Vanquish Flex UHPLC system is designed for high speed, resolution and sensitivity, allowing users to perform biocompatible analysis to obtain high quality and consistent data. By incorporating an integrated modular design, customers have the ability to mix and match modules depending on the demands of the application. 
“Throughout the biopharmaceutical workflow, data integrity is essential to ensure decisions can be made from drug discovery and development to batch release in quality control,” said Fraser McLeod, vice president and general manager, HPLC for Thermo Fisher Scientific. “In order to achieve confidence and speed in results, sensitivity and throughput are crucial. We have developed a system that showcases high resolution separation and reproducibility for advanced analyses for a range of liquid chromatography applications.”
The Vanquish Flex UHPLC will be exhibited for the first time at the 42nd International HPLC Conference in Geneva, Switzerland, Booth 14, June 21-25.
The Vanquish Flex system is designed to provide sharp peaks at high throughputs, allowing more data to be analyzed in less time. Data quality is ensured via the robustness and repeatability of the system to ensure that large sample sets can be analyzed for comparison during QC protocols. Key features include:
• A new quaternary gradient pump module, designed for robustness without compromising 
performance, which provides method development flexibility while increasing throughput. 
• Excellent performance operating at 1000 bar maximum pump pressure, with flow rates of up to 8
mL/min to allow for high-resolution separations and application flexibility.
• New fluorescence detector for increased sensitivity complements the absorbance detector 
module for high sensitivity and extended linearity and the new charged aerosol detector module 
for non-volatile compounds.
HPLC analysis requires more than just hardware. To complement the new Vanquish Flex system, the new Thermo Scientific SMART Digest kit is a new protein digestion tool that provides sensitive and fast analyses. In addition, the Thermo Scientific AppsLab library of analytical applications, the fully searchable online method repository offers protocols, method information, chromatograms and all the information to run, process and report an analysis.