Shimadzu Introduces Noviplex™ Duo Cards for “Lab-on-a-Card” Plasma Collection and Sample Preparation
Shimadzu Scientific Instruments (SSI) introduces the new Noviplex™ Duo Plasma Prep Card for preparing two plasma samples from a single application of blood. Like the original Noviplex Card, the Duo prepares a blood sample anytime and anywhere without the need for a power source. The Noviplex Cards prepare a precise volume of plasma from a variable amount of blood, and stabilize the plasma samples in minutes for shipment worldwide without the need for dry ice. The technology is ideal for use with LC-MS/MS analysis.
Noviplex Duo Cards expand the application of the original Noviplex Card by enabling two samples to be generated from a single application of whole blood. The new Duo Card collects about 8 microliters of plasma, which makes it well suited to many LC/MS assays. The Duo Card provides the ability to perform two different types of LC-MS assays with a single application of blood. For instance, it is possible to measure both calcium and vitamin D in a blood sample, which provides better insight to bone health than just vitamin D alone. 
“Noviplex Duo technology expands upon Novilytic’s Noviplex technology and enables more analytical tests to be performed from a single blood collection. The second plasma spot is also very useful for sample archiving,” said Scott Kuzdzal, PhD, Life Science Business Unit Manager at SSI. “This will greatly impact clinical research and near patient testing, as well as open up entirely new opportunities for in-transit sample processing.”
Shimadzu partnered with Novilytic Laboratories two years ago to offer a single-step, solid-phase method for sample preparation and analyte extraction. Noviplex technology has since been applied to a wide variety of analytes, ranging from small molecules (including vitamins, metabolites and drugs of abuse) to peptides and proteins.
“Noviplex Duo Cards expand self-sampling and remote site collection capabilities, proving that Noviplex is an evolving technology with infinite plasma preparation possibilities. Noviplex extraction-based sampling requires no personnel, nor laboratory, and the samples thus derived are easily transported and stored as dried plasma spots,” said Fred Regnier, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus, John H. Law Distinguished Professor of Chemistry, Purdue University, and founder of Novilytic Laboratories.
Noviplex technology also provides exceptional reproducibility independent of hematocrit, 99 percent removal of red blood cells, and rapid sample preparation for MS-based analysis while maintaining assay reproducibility and selectivity.
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