Fast evaporation from vacuum-assisted vortex concentration technology
Using a patented vacuum-assisted vortex concentration technology, the Smart Evaporator from Asynt sets a new standard for labs tasked with drying sample tubes and vials.
The spiral air flow generated by this unique concentration technology allows the Smart Evaporator to rapidly concentrate even high boiling solvents, such as DMSO, DMF and water without heating to high temperatures. 
The Spiral Plug concentration technology works by using vacuum to draw air /nitrogen through a spiral slit generating a vortex which both stirs the sample and creates an increased evaporative surface area.  This unique technology allows you to evaporate without worry of solvent bumping and the need to constantly monitor the equipment.  As the Spiral Plugs are tapered the Smart Evaporator is compatible with almost any type of vial or sample tube. Using the Smart Evaporator there is no need to switch sample tubes and risk losing sample, or increase the volume of solvent to evaporate because of extra washing steps.
Available in a range of colours, the Smart Evaporator is a compact solvent removal / concentration system for sample tubes and vials up to 100ml in volume that is easy to set-up and fast to use.