NextGen Multisample Beadbeater – The SoniBeast

The new SoniBeast cell disrupter quickly and completely disrupts all types of cellular samples, from fungi, bacteria and spores to animal and plant tissues. Using a new technology, the SoniBeast leap-frogs conventional beadbeaters by processing small samples sealed  0.5 ml PCR tubes. The tubes, filled with sample, extraction media and ceramic beads, are agitated at an unprecedented 21,000 oscillation per minute – some 5 to 10X faster than current machines. The ultra-high energy disrupter can process up to 12 samples, is operated with a simple one touch control and, importantly, isolates nucleic acids, proteins and other intracellular components in a few seconds rather than minutes. There is no programming, no clean up and no cross-contamination between samples ... making it an ideal cell disrupter for PCR methodologies.