Modern Microplate Evaporator
The Ultravap Levante™ is a new introduction to Porvair Sciences’ popular series of nitrogen blow-down sample concentrators and evaporators. 
Using technology from the successful Ultravap Mistral™ series of robot-ready, integration compatible evaporators Porvair have re-designed the classic single plate evaporator to meet the needs of the modern laboratory. The Ultravap Levante makes it even easier to integrate an automatic dry down step into your biological sample preparation protocol. 
With the needs of LC/MS users very much in mind, the Ultravap Levante offers rapid programmable dry down of samples dissolved in common chromatography solvents such as acetonitrile, dichloromethane and methanol. With 10 stored programs and a full colour screen the Ultravap Levante is both easy to use and highly productive. The plate stage can be programmed to rise as evaporation proceeds, ensuring faster dry down. Both gas temperature and flow rate can be programmed for each stage of a dry-down method and stored in instrument memory. RS232 connection allows the Levante to be controlled from a computer or liquid handling robot in addition to the integral touchscreen. A choice of spiral or straight blow-down needles enables the fastest results to be achieved with every type of microplate.
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