RETSCH start a campaign to find the oldest mill

One of the most successful companies in the laboratory market celebrates its 100th anniversary this year. In 1915 Friedrich Kurt Retsch founded the F. Kurt RETSCH GmbH & Co. KG whole sale company for laboratory supplies in Duesseldorf, Germany. By 1923 the company’s first own piece of laboratory equipment was patented, a mortar grinder which became known worldwide as the “Retsch Mill” and replaced tiresome manual grinding with hand mortars. This innovation earned RETSCH an excellent reputation in the international science and research community.

Today, RETSCH is the leading manufacturer of lab equipment for the preparation and characterization of solids in research and quality control with an export share of more than 80 %. The products are used in many different industries such as chemistry, food, construction, pharmaceuticals or environment.

On the occasion of their 100th anniversary RETSCH have started a campaign to find the oldest instrument in the market. All users of RETSCH instruments worldwide are called upon to send a picture of themselves and their mill or sieve shaker. All participants will enter a draw, the participant with the oldest RETSCH product will win a goods voucher.