Terra Universal’s BioSafe® Step Ladders
Terra Universal has advanced their BioSafe product line with a state-of-the-art. Electropolished stainless steel step ladder for cleanroom applications requiring the highest cleanliness standards.
The BioSafe Step Ladder combines safety with a clean, durable design. All- electropolished stainless steel construction creates a sturdy, ultra-smooth surface. Wheeled casters are also stainless steel to ensure non-shedding performance with metal-on-metal action.  Each ladder step is perforated, minimizing turbulence which disrupts laminar air flow, and allowing particles to flow through rather than be deposited. The continuous-seam welds give BioSafe non-folding step ladders a noticeably smoother composition and eliminates hard-to-clean cracks which can harbor particles and other contaminants. Personnel can securely use the ladder without concern of slipping due to the non-contaminating nylon leveling feet.
Terra Universal has over 35-years of experience manufacturing modular cleanroom furnishings and 
other critical environment solutions.