ZEISS Atlas 5 – a new approach to master the multi-scale challenge
ZEISS introduces an integrated solution to acquire and analyze multi-scale and multi-modal images in light, electron and X-ray microscopy
ZEISS Atlas 5 is a powerful hardware and software package that extends the capacity of ZEISS scanning electron microscopes (SEM) and focused ion beam SEMs (FIB-SEM). ZEISS Atlas 5 streamlines automatic image acquisition and lets users benefit from its efficient navigation and correlation of images from any source including light and X-ray microscopes.
Taking  full advantage of high throughput and automated large area imaging, users acquire large sets of 2D or 3D nanoscale electron microscope (EM) images for hours, or even days, without operator supervision. Advanced preset and customizable protocols allow to produce consistent and reproducible results.
ZEISS Atlas 5 correlative workspace makes it easy to bring together images from multiple sources: zooming in from the full macroscopic view of the sample down to nanoscale details. The sample-centric workspace lets users build a seamless multi-modal, multi-scale picture of the sample.
The novel graphical user interface concept of ZEISS Atlas 5 makes it easy to investigate all samples. Users design a workflow tailored precisely to the complexity of their experiments, no matter whether it’s a simple one-step task or a compound experiment. A sophisticated workflow
environment guides the user all the way from the setup for automated acquisition to post-processing and customized exports, and right on through to analysis.
The modular structure of ZEISS Atlas 5 allows users to tailor it to their everyday tasks in materials or life sciences applications. The package comes with multiple modules: Advanced Toolkit, 3D Tomography, Array Tomography or Advanced Nanopatterning & Visualization Engine (NPVE Advanced).