Diverse Pharmacological Modulators for Targets, Pathways and Processes
AMSBIO has announced the launch of PATHM2 small molecules libraries for small scale screening in developmental biology and discovery research.
PATHM2 libraries are available to identify accessory molecules that improve cell viability, proliferation or yields. All compounds are hand selected to address ‘traditional’ cascades that play a role in pluripotency maintenance or specific differentiation. Multiple agents are included to interrogate new and emerging networks/targets relevant to stem cell biology.
PATHM2 kits are also available to screen your disease model and identify/confirm critical pathways and targets. Using PATHM2 kits you will be able to find disease state modulators as starting points for further refinement. All small molecule compounds in the kits have drug/lead-like properties, good water solubility, bio-membrane permeability, activity/selectivity profile and potential for optimization. AMSBIO also provide one-stop scale-up, medicinal chemistry, screening and development services.
In addition, PATHM2 kits can be used to study selected signaling pathways of interest. Custom sets are available to identify more selective and potent small molecules to replace inferior but still commonly used ones.