Market launch of new Rotavapor® platform
BÜCHI Labortechnik AG, the world leader in rotary evaporation, introduces a ground-breaking,
commercial laboratory system with the launch of the Rotavapor® R-300. The innovative, modular 
platform with a plug & play concept enables seamless combinations of components to provide 
tailor-made solutions, from a basic rotary evaporator to a fully-automated system.
“Globally, our customers were expressing their desire to configure a rotary evaporator according to 
their unique requirements,” says Dr. Rudolf Hartmann, Product Group Manager for Evaporation at 
BUCHI. “The Rotavapor® R-300 has been designed as a modular system to accommodate that need, offering maximum flexibility with options for central interface, heating bath, glass assembly, pump and chiller. 
A new level of unattended operation will be achieved with integration of an optional central 
interface. In conjunction with a BUCHI vacuum pump and recirculation chiller, the perfect 
synchronization of process parameters, such as rotation speed, pressure and temperature (i.e., 
heating, cooling and vapor) opens up new possibilities:
- Automation of standard operation procedures (SOPs) using configurable methods
- Unattended distillation of foaming samples 
- Remote process monitoring with push-notifications to mobile devices
The BUCHI Rotavapor® Configurator app is available to simplify the process of selecting the optimal 
configuration for any customer’s needs.