Fast analysis of particle shape and size of suspensions  and emulsions with Dynamic Image Analysis –   ANALYSETTE 28 ImageTec!
The new ANALYSETTE 28 ImageTec is the ideal instrument for easy wet measurement with strong pumping power for particles of 1 µm up to 2.8 mm in suspensions and emulsions. Simple to operate for fast directly available results. Due to the Dynamic Image Analysis of particle size and particle shape, agglomerates and other disturbances are recognised in even the smallest amounts and can be viewed after the measurement as single images and sorted out. For absolutely reliable quality control in three steps: Add sample, start dispersion and measurement, view evaluation.
Fast analysis of particle shape and size with wet measurement:
-of suspensions and emulsions
-extra wide measuring range 1 μm – 2.8 mm, individually adjustable 
-5 megapixel high-performance camera for highest resolution
-up to 5 apochromatic lenses
-unique lens revolver
-extremely quiet dispersion with strong pumping power
Optimal wet dispersion 
For perfect dispersion the sample material is feed into a closed liquid circulation system and is pumped with high power through the measuring cell between camera and LED strobe light. The 
continuously obtained images are the basis for the analysis with numerous possibilities of evaluation. An ultrasonic emitter and adjustable dispersion conditions ensure either as SOP or freely programmable fast and extremely efficient degradation of the agglomerates – precisely adapted to each sample. Due to the integrated water connection, the unit can be automatically cleaned and 
refilled with new, clean liquid after each measurement. And is quickly ready again for the next measurement.
Unique lens revolver
The unique lens revolver of the ANALYSETTE 28 ImageTec can simultaneously be equipped with up to 5 lenses and ensures that for the desired measuring range, the ideal lenses are selected via the 
software and saved in the SOP. Even measurements of the same sample in various measuring ranges can be conducted consecutively – the results can either be viewed and supplied as individual or overall results.
The FRITSCH-Cloud – Easy evaluation at a glance
Even the evaluation of the measuring results is uniquely simple with the ANALYSETTE 28. The evaluation software ISS displays each recorded particle clearly as a data point in the immediately available FRITSCH Cloud. Its position in this Cloud shows the really important information for you about the morphology. You freely choose which statement is of interest to you. Especially convenient: have several measurements displayed simultaneously in a chart and you will immediately see the differences between the respective samples. A direct visual evaluation: brilliantly simple, uniquely flexible.