Full-Featured SEM with Bench Top Price Installed at AXT
AXT is proud to announce that we have just installed a TESCAN VEGA3 SB Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) in our demonstration lab. The VEGA3 SB comes with the price tag of a bench top system, while offering far superior performance and unmatched versatility with the potential to expand its analytical capabilities with additional detectors, a capability that is not possible on more diminutive systems. 
The VEGA3 SB has been designed with simplicity in mind combining state-of-the-art optics and electronics with powerful, yet user-friendly software. Despite the sophistication of the system, installation is no more difficult than assembling a home cinema system and maintenance is almost a non-issue 
Operation of the system is no more complicated than a small bench top SEM. Operators with limited experience can be producing high quality images at up to 1,000,000 times magnification with minimal training thanks to the automation of many routine functions. 
The ease of operation makes the VEGA3 SB an ideal analytical tool for inexperienced users or capable a teaching tool and entry into other SEMs. The system also includes a range of software tools to give you more analytical capacity. Panoramic imaging, particle size analysis and Electron Beam Lithography (EBL) are some examples. 
While being a free standing SEM, in reality it occupies the same space as a bench top SEM on a desk. It does however provide extended capabilities over bench top systems including:
-Higher magnification (up to 1,000,000 times)
-Superior resolution (down to 3nm)
-Greater accelerating voltage range (infinitely adjustable from 200V to 30kV)
-5-axis stage with motorised adjustments
-High and low vacuum operation, with water vapour atmosphere
-The ability to produce high resolution EBL patterns
-The ability to accommodate a peltier cooling stage
To further enhance the analytical capabilities of the VEGA SB, a Thermo Scientific NORAN system has been added. The NORAN™ System 7 EDS system provides the ultimate in microanalytical capabilities for the modern electron microscopy lab. It incorporates X-ray detectors with the highest sensitivity, pulse processors with the highest throughput and the most sophisticated software suite available. Users will benefit from:
-Accurate and automatic peak identification and quantification
-Standardless quantitative analysis as good as full standards analysis
-X-ray maps and linescans with complete matrix correction and background subtraction
-Phase mapping using COMPASS exclusively licensed to Thermo Scientific
-Full line of X-ray detectors with sensors from 10 to 100 mm2 active area and exclusive slotted -collimator for maximum X-ray collection
-Live time analysis, and complete site license for unlimited analysis stations with full data integrity.
-Data reporting with flexible layouts. Available in common formats: EMSA for spectra, TIFF for images, CSV for tabular data and linescans.