WaferGen Launches the ICELL8(TM) Single-Cell System at ASHG
WaferGen Bio-systems announced today the commercial launch and presentation of data from the ICELL8™ Single-Cell System at the American Society of Human Genetics (ASHG) annual meeting in Baltimore, MD.
In the hands of world-class early access partners globally, WaferGen's ICELL8 Single-Cell system has consistently demonstrated the power to isolate thousands of single-cells, the control to identify and process individual cells using CellSelect™ automated imaging and software and the ability to provide critical insight derived from running multiple samples or experiments on a single chip. These revolutionary technology advancements in single-cell analysis have the potential to not only accelerate the drug discovery and development process, but also expand fundamental biological discovery and understanding. WaferGen will present a poster at ASHG highlighting data generated by the Company demonstrating the ICELL8 Single-Cell System's ability to identify rare cells from a cell population at a sensitivity of <1%. The poster, number 1906W, will be presented at the conference on Wednesday, October 7, from 6-7pm. Additional details will also available at WaferGen's ASHG booth (number 1027).
Early access partners and collaborators for the ICELL8 Single-Cell System included Genentech, Karolinska Institutet, The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, National Jewish Health, and The Broad Institute.  Data from a multitude of early access experiments demonstrated that single cells from solid tumors, brains cells, pulmonary airway cells, multiple cell lines, and nuclei, ranging from 5 to 100 µm in size, can be isolated and dispensed into a single chip without pre-selection or filtering.  
"We are extremely pleased with the results being generated by our ICELL8 Single-Cell System, including those presented here at ASHG, at recent conferences in Europe and those presented by our early access partners.  As we enter the commercial single-cell market, we are excited by the potential of our technology to enable breakthrough scientific discoveries," said Rollie Carlson, President and CEO of WaferGen.