Bio-Rad Launches One-Step RT-ddPCR Advanced Kit for Probes
Bio-Rad Laboratories Inc. (NYSE: BIO and BIOb) today released the One-Step RT-ddPCR Advanced Kit for Probes which combines reverse transcription and Droplet Digital PCR (RT-ddPCR) for absolute RNA quantification. Delivering increased PCR efficiency, specificity, and sensitivity, this improved single-format reaction enables enrichment of rare target RNA sequences and detection of small differences in gene expression levels.
In the past, reverse transcription (RT) of RNA to complementary DNA (cDNA) required multiple extra steps prior to PCR amplification that could introduce experimental variability and the risk of sample cross-contamination. Bio-Rad introduced a single-reaction format to simplify and improve the throughput of RT-ddPCR experiments. Building on this product, the One-Step RT-ddPCR Advanced Kit offers an optimized enzyme and buffer composition along with protocol improvements that enable a greater range of quantification, detection, and applications.
For many standard runs, the advanced kit performs similarly to Bio-Rad’s original single reaction kit; however, for challenging RNA assays, the One-Step RT-ddPCR Advanced Kit delivers cleaner data and more reproducible results by achieving greater cluster separation.
Same Price, Greater Benefits
Bio-Rad’s One-Step RT-ddPCR Advanced Kit for Probes replaces the earlier single-step reaction kit, with no increase in price. Key benefits include:
-Enhanced detection of rare RNA sequences — optimized enzyme blend delivers better cluster separation for low level RNA quantification and detection of small differences in gene expression levels
-Improved accuracy of RNA quantification — potent RNase inhibitors preserve original RNA quantities while efficient enzyme inactivation prevents RT until after sample partitioning for accurate quantification of target sequences
The One-Step RT-ddPCR Advanced Kit contains all of the components required for hydrolysis probe–based RT-ddPCR except for primers, probe(s), and templates.
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