Irvine Scientific Introduces Medium for Large-Scale Transient Transfection
Irvine Scientific, a world leader in the innovation and manufacture of cell culture media, today released BalanCD® Transfectory™ CHO, a cell culture medium for rapid, scalable production of recombinant proteins through transient transfection in CHO cells. The new medium is chemically-defined, animal component free, and has been specifically designed to support sustained, high growth with increased transfection efficiency that can yield gram-scale protein expression.
Transient gene expression (TGE) has evolved into a cost-effective, rapid alternative to stable cell line engineering for the production of recombinant proteins and antibodies needed for early-stage biopharmaceutical development activities. CHO cells are the most prevalent platform used for commercial production of biopharmaceuticals, they are therefore viewed as preferential hosts for TGE. The challenge, however, has been in obtaining protein yield of sufficient quantity and quality, leading many scientists to focus on 293HEK transfection. The ability to obtain gram-scale yields by transient transfection in CHO cells is a real step forward towards cutting costs and development time for biotherapeutic research.
Commenting on this latest addition to the BalanCD portfolio, Dr Jessie Ni, Chief Scientific Officer at Irvine Scientific, said: “Our goal is to provide a platform of chemically-defined and animal-derived component free formulas designed to produce high yields, while maintaining protein quality through every phase of development and at all production scales. The addition of BalanCD Transfectory CHO extends the capability of the BalanCD portfolio, thus enabling scientists to produce the proteins needed to assess candidates using rapid and cost effective methods.”