Distek, Inc. Awarded Japanese Patent for Modularity   Design and Position Software Control
Distek, Inc., an industry leader in pharmaceutical laboratory testing instruments, accessories and validation services, has been awarded Japanese Patent 5773914 for their modularity design and the individual position software control.  
Distek’s patented, self-contained, modularity design is configurable for up to 8 positions when in use on the symphony 7100 “Bathless” Dissolution Instrument and 6 positions when in use on the sensIR 3200 “Bathless” Disintegrator.  This modularity design allows users unprecedented ease and scalability.  
“Distek is excited to have been awarded this patent which exemplifies our commitment to our global 
customers by providing intellectual property protection for our innovative product features which offer valuable benefits to our customer base,” says Jeff Brinker, President, Distek, Inc.  “This patent in 
particular allows our global customers a great deal of flexibility in the symphony 7100 and sensIR 3200 platforms in its modularity both mechanically as well as in the user interface design.”