Combustion Unit for Elemental Analysis Sample Preparation
The Oxygen Flask Combustion Unit from Exeter Analytical is designed for preparation of samples for single and mixed elemental analysis of chlorine, bromine, iodine, sulphur and phosphorus content.
Based upon the internationally recognised Schöniger flask method - the Oxygen Flask Combustion Unit provides a safe and repeatable tool for combusting samples prior to elemental analysis by ion chromatography or titration. The unit remotely ignites samples inside a safety-interlocked chamber using focused infrared heat from two tungsten-halogen lamps. Integral pressure vents ensure the safe release of excess reaction pressure. A thick black acrylic observation window is provided on the unit to allow users to visually check that ignition has taken place.
The Oxygen Flask Combustion Unit is truly versatile being able to cope with a wide range of sample types and capable of preparing samples for determination of elemental composition from percentage levels to parts per million.
Durably constructed the Oxygen Flask Combustion Unit is simple to use, highly reliable and requires minimal maintenance. With a low purchase price and minimal running expenses, the cost of preparing samples with the Exeter Analytical Oxygen Flask Combustion Unit is very low and the return on investment rapid.
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