Improve Efficiency in Density Testing Saves Time in Labs
Most scientists know that accurately determining the density of a substance is a critical part of the research process. Adam Equipment’s density kit is a valuable tool to help laboratory workers assess the density of their materials. Combine the density kit with one of Adam’s analytical balances and the process becomes even more reliable and precise.
Traditionally, density determination has required measuring the sample material: figuring out the volume, weighing the sample, dividing the volume by the mass, and finally coming up with the density. The process is not only complicated and tedious; it can be inaccurate.
Testing of both solids and liquids is possible using the density kit. That means that even samples with densities greater or less than that of water can be determined. The balance software will calculate density using water, ethanol or paraffin as selectable references. The software also allows the user to enter the density of any reference liquid directly.
The density kit is installed on the floor of the balance’s enclosed weighing chamber. The kit’s beaker holds the reference liquid and may be reused to test as many samples as needed. The user simply selects the density application from the built-in menu options. If a reference liquid is used other than what is already programmed into the balance, the user can enter the density for that reference liquid. The application prompts the user through the process: weigh the sample in air using the sample cup on top of the stand, then in the reference liquid using the sample cup suspended on the wire. The balance includes software that calculates the density automatically.
Shown with Adam Equipment’s analytical balance, the density kit consists of a glass beaker, a suspended weighing cradle to replace the standard pan, independent support for the beaker of fluid, thermometer with clip for suspension in the fluid and glass sinker of known volume for determination
of fluid density.
Nimbus and Eclipse balances offer readabilities from 0.1mg to 0.1g and feature a compact footprint and easy operation. The Nimbus handles capacities from 80g to 22kg, while the Eclipse can accommodate capacities up to 32kg.
The Eclipse series comprises 23 models and is Adam Equipment’s largest and most comprehensive balance line to date. The capacitive touch keypad on the Eclipse allows grime to be wiped off easily. Passcode capability on the Eclipse prevents unwarranted use and eliminates worry about settings
being altered, while the locking station offers added security.
With fewer parts than a traditional force motor balance, the weighing sensor on the balances provides highly efficient mechanics plus improved electronic processing power, leading to consistent and reliable performance. Both balances feature a base formed from a single piece of extruded aluminum, offering stability and highly repeatable results. Solid metal construction throughout provides the durability to withstand chemicals and rigorous daily use. USB and RS-232 interfaces facilitate data transfer from the Nimbus and the Eclipse to printers or computers. This allows foolproof data recording and traceability, letting the operator focus on data analysis.
With numerous weighing units including a customizable unit, these balances capably handle parts counting, percentage weighing, density measurement for liquids or solids, and dynamic/animal weighing.